Olympic Power Bar, 20kg
Olympic Power Bar, 20kg

Olympic Power Bar, 20kg

  • Hardened and tempered bar shaft is 28.5mm (1.125")
  • Bar is 87" to fit comfortably on standard racks and benches
  • 20kg (44 lb.) weight
  • 200,000 PSI tensile strength
  • Tested for strength and integrity
  • Measured for straightness
  • Hardened chrome finish prevents corrosion
  • Heavy-duty bronze bushings
  • Medium grade knurling for a secure, comfortable gripping surface
  • Dual knurling marks for Olympic and power lifting
  • Double snap ring construction for maximum strength and integrity
  • Manufactured to tight tolerances to ensure amazing performance
  • Great multi-purpose, multi-functional bar for health clubs, Crossfit and athletic weight rooms


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