About Intek


If you can lift it, press it, squat it or swing it, Intek Strength is where you'll find it. Dumbbells. Plates. Fixed barbells. Kettlebells. Olympic bars and more. Built to meet the demands of athletes at every stage of development. Because when you're pushing to perform, you want proven equipment to get you where you want to be—stronger, better and ready for the next challenge.


Forged from a passion to find better performing gear, our founders—a gym owner and gym equipment specialist—joined forces to form Orthotech Sports Medical Equipment in 1994. Their goal? To distribute only the highest-quality fitness equipment. To deliver outstanding customer service. And to push the envelope of innovation.

In the years that followed, their insatiable drive for improvement lead to the creation of Intek Strength and the reengineering of the classic pro-style dumbbell. When the industry's focus shifted to solid welded urethane-encased dumbbells, Intek Strength shifted, too, but found the rate at which other brands' products were failing unacceptable. So, our product development team went to work designing, testing, redesigning and retesting. The result was the first Armor Series dumbbell featuring stainless steel handles and a nearly bulletproof urethane finish.

Almost two decades later, our story—and our equipment—continues to evolve. But our obsession with quality, our drive for continuous innovation and our commitment to serving our customers remains as strong as ever. We do what we say. We listen to you to understand your needs and provide the best solution. We never hide behind asterisks or fine print. And we still believe a handshake means something, now more than ever.

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