Kräft Steel RAW Dumbbell Set
Kräft Steel RAW Dumbbell Set

Kräft Steel RAW Dumbbell Set

  • Proudly crafted in Illinois
  • No paint or coatings on the heads or handles
  • Handles are 1.25” diameter (standard).  Custom handle diameters available upon request.
  • Handles are straight and measure 5.75” from inside head to inside head.    
  • Assembly of heads to handles does not have welds or fasteners.
  • All dumbbell heads are round.
  • Dumbbell head diameters range from 4” to 7” on 5-150lbs, allowing for more clearance during movements.  Also, more pairs can be stored per linear foot.
  • Custom logos are available for a nominal fee.
  • Available from 5-150lbs in 5lbs increments.  Also available from 7.5-52.5lbs in 5lbs increments.  Custom sizes are available upon request, up to 200lbs.
  • Raw steel dumbbells provide an unmatched feel.  The surface, in time, will form a beautiful patina.  Basic maintenance will be required.
A small lead time might be necessary for production.

In Stock.

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